Course: MSc Cyber Security Host: Bristol Mathematics Lecturer: Dr Daniel Lawson

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About the Course.


For every active week there is a corresponding coursebook page, called Blocks 01-12, which you can access in the Coursebook.

The content is split into:

Content for Theory

Content for Practice

Timing and content

Content will be made available at least 1 week prior to the scheduled week for the Block in the Timetable.

Updated material - versioning

All material has versioning information included. The version used for Lectures may have contained minor issues which will be updated; you will know if this has happened through the updated version. The content starts at v1.0.1 in the format v<major>.<minor>.<bugfix>. Bugfix version changes should not require attention; minor changes may affect some small aspect of the content, whilst you will receive clear signposting for major changes where the structure and intent may also have changed.

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